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School Library

Free resources to help you move more, eat well, stress less, and live better.

[Free Resource] Beat the Stress Guide

Learn 24 ways to reduce stress amidst the Covid-19 pandemic (and beyond).


[Free Resource] Body Confidence (for Life!) Guide

The struggle of feeling truly confident and comfortable in our own skin is one that many of us face on a daily basis.

Especially now, when photoshopped images are everywhere and social media is 24/7, it is easy to feel... (More)

[Free Resource] Foam Rolling Guide for Beginners

Improve your body's range of motion, reduce pain and stiffness, and feel better overall with our FREE Foam Rolling Guide for Beginners.


[FREE] 5-Day No Added Sugar Challenge

A sweet new treat for you -- The 5-Day No Added Sugar Challenge! Assess your sugar intake and learn how added sugar impacts your health, your energy, and your mood.

This FREE challenge comes with a Success Guide, Worksheets, and... (More)