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Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
Asked a question 2 years ago

Do any of you follow intermittent fasting?

So apparently, I have been doing this for as long as I can remember without knowing I'm doing it. I grew up in a household where I ate very structured which I continued into my adulthood. It wasn't till someone asked me few years ago about intermittent fasting that I calculated and realized I naturally eat only within a 8 hour window maybe 10 sometimes. The only part I don't do is the 24 hours fast. I personally believe intermittent fasting maybe beneficial for some individuals who over consume calories otherwise. You can only eat soo much within a 8 hour window. However, that being said, the type of food you eat, whether it be in a 12 hour window or an 8 hour window is going to be an influencial factor
Azra Moosbally
Mandy Kooner exactly. You put it so well I’m words. I always used to skip breakfast and I feel that I have less energy when I do have breakfast. I find that intermittent fasting makes me feel physically and mentally well. I read that it’s good to eat within a time window of 8-10 hours. And as you said what we eat really matters too.
Intermittent fasting does seem to have health benefits. Ajay Rampersad tried it for a while, so he can comment on how it felt. I wish I could try it, but without food consistently throughout the day, I have very little energy and feel lightheaded probably because my blood sugar and pressure have always been on the lower side.

Azra Moosbally - did you feel the physical and mental benefits of intermittent fasting right away? Was it difficult to do at first?
Azra Moosbally
Dipa B Yes I totally understand. Some of my friends can’t do it either because they feel dizzy.

I did notice the benefits. I always used to skip breakfast because it makes me feel nauseous to eat early I’m the morning. And I actually feel less energetic when I eat breakfast. When I started intermittent fasting, I would have black coffee but I stopped after. I think the whole purpose of fasting is to give your body a break, so by taking caffeine, the body is still working to digest the coffee. So I now just drink water. I felt like my brain is less fogged up if that makes sense haha. There’s a nephrologist, Dr. Jason Fung- he’s done some nice work on IF and it’s benefits for women as well.
Nikita Ramdial
Azra Moosbally I've been intermittent fasting on and off for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it. I'm mostly "on" it, but when my schedule changes drastically, (ie: for shiftwork, or because I'm sick), that's when I have periods of a few days to a week of being "off" IF.
My body has adapted to it, and I feel great eating the majority of my food within an 8 -10 hour window. I've even noticed that some days where I have way earlier starts to my day, so long as I drink water, I'm usually good to go by the time my eating window starts. I'm also proud that I've managed to keep this one habit going for so long, despite constant negativity about how I.F. isn't normal or is weird. When I am fasting, I don't ingest anything aside from water, and the occasional cup of decaffeinated green tea.
Something I also find interesting: I once tried to stop I.F. for a month, however as soon as I was ready to start again, my body jumped right back into it with no problems!
Shonah Chalmers
I am a regular eater,bit of a grazer really. I make healthy choices most of the time I don't want to add on that I can only eat within certain hours as it's too restrictive for my busy lifestyle

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