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Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you take any supplements? If so, what and why

Aliya Sattaur
I take a few things things (I also work part-time at a sports nutrition/supplement store so I've also tried many, tried a lot of different brands)

1. Protein- because of health issues, I often find it hard to get enough protein in because many protein sources aren't apart of my diet. It's also convenient to have protein powder on hand (I like using proteins that are a mix of whey isolate and casein). I also take collagen and L-Glutamine.
2. Multivitamin- again, a lot of food sources are not apart of my diet due to the inability to digest it because of health problems (but I do eat as many vegetables and fruit as I can when in remission).
3. Vitamin D- I'm usually deficient or on medications that put me at risk of osteoporosis. I typically take 5000IU in the form of a softgel (I like using the NOW brand D3 that is mixed with Extra virgin olive oil for enhanced absorption).
4. Digestive Enzymes- this one is self explanatory
5. Ashwagandha - a very popular herbal supplement with proven benefits in reducing cortisol, reducing blood sugar levels. It also personally helps me with stress and anxiety management.
6. Probiotics
7. Creatine- when training
8. Nootropics- I've been dabbling with Alpha GPC and lions mane. I havent been consistent enough with it to notice effects (if any exist at all)
9. Omegasc
Lukas Walsh
I have tried weight gainer supplements due to my metabolism being so intense (I could eat 5 pounds one day and wake up to it being gone the next). I found that it did help put on some muscle and size and certainly helped me get to some body weight goals. The one I have tried was the Rivalus Weight Gainer.
Matt O'Brien
I only take protein, and a veggie greens mix. My diet is pretty boring and regulated, but it makes things really easy to track. I do 1 (sometimes 2) veggie green drinks a day to get my vegetables, while I have roughly a pound of ground beef mixed with 1/2 cup of rice for dinners. I see supplements as a tool to get any essentials you may not intake. As a trainer, I'd rather work with a client to restructure their relationship with food if they're trying to lose weight or clean up their diet
Aliya Sattaur thanks for sharing! I personally take a probiotic, sometimes protein powder, omegas VIT B or D . I'm not consistent with the latter but use when required for me for x amount of time.
Lukas Walsh That's awesome! I don't know much about weigh gainers so thanks for sharing what you've take and why.
Matt O'Brien I don't think your eating habits are boring - they're consistent and why reinvent the wheel if you don't have too? I also find, eating similar foods everyday makes it easier to track and less time is spent thinking of what to eat haha. I'm with you on using supplements to SUPPLEMENT my current nutritional status.
Matt O'Brien
Mandy Kooner Yup haha exactly. I've been very lucky to get into a state where I see food as simply fuel. So I can keep track pretty well of what I need, and can notice pretty quickly when my blood sugars are too low or I need to compensate for something!
Matt O'Brien Wow!!!! I thought I was the only who saw food as fuel. I always felt awkward when I'd share that with people haha. I feel the same way when it comes to noticing any changes that may need to take place!!! I often hear people state "I'd rather have a pill for fitness than actually workout" lol I'd rather have ONE pill for food that covers all my nutritional needs hahaha. .
Matt O'Brien
Mandy Kooner haha yeah that's a big factor in my nutritional coaching methods for clients. I think the general population has a misconstrued relationship with food. Where too often you see people rely on it for an emotional response. I try to target the underlying psychological road block that may be causing that unhealthy relationship and go from there

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