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Asked a question last year

For those who consume collagen powder, which one is your favourite? I’ve tried several and I’m looking for new ones to try when I am done.

Zena Cashmore
Also interested in this Tab! Heard good things about the Costco brand but not keen on going into Costco right now!
I’ve used it several times! It works very well! It’s only exclusive to Costco so to get the 1kg size for $50 you have to go there.
Herbert Duff
I've used the generic one from amazon. I find that to be costly, I then switched to Myprotein. It's a Canadian brand and I've been consuming all their products for a year now. It's cost efficient, fast delivery, and they offer monthly sales. here's my protocol for whenever consuming collagen! Thank you for the post!
Herbert Duff thank you for your suggestion and response!
Leanne Henwood-Adam
I have only just started trying collagen powder and am using Organika Original Enhanced Collagen - blends nicely - no flavour so you can add it into anything.

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