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Timothy Thach
Anytime Fitness Coach
Asked a question 2 years ago

Good morning everyone, what methods have you found to improve your sleep or reduce sleep disturbances?

1. Make sure to leave your phone is outside of the bedroom before you go to bed.. Your brain will think that an important email or txt will come through at any moment if your phone is beside you in the room..

2. Make sure no blue lights are showing apparently blue light makes it hard for you to sleep..

3. Try and do something calming and relaxing for about 10-15 minutes before you go to sleep..

Hope this helps!
Matt O'Brien
A couple things I find useful:

- make your room a dedicated sleeping space - try not to work or do activities in that environment
- make the temperature very consistent - a lot of people say the magic number is 18C but I think everyone is different
- for a lack of a better word, meditate - I don't know that this is particularly considered meditation, but I like to lay in bed and briefly feel the energy in the different regions of the body. I like to start toes up
- go for a walk - doesn't need to be strenuous, or long. But going for a walk before bed can help you deactivate the sympathetic nervous system so that the parasympathetic nervous system can kick in and help you relax as you're winding down for bed.

Hopefully some of these can help also!
Timothy Thach
Jesse Awesome stuff, definitely all things I've done. I found keeping electronics out of my room helps a lot with preventing distractions.
Timothy Thach
Matt O'Brien Love this, I've heard stuff, similar to the consistent temperature for sleep. There was some info I saw on cold showers for sleep, but I'm not sure of the validity. Thanks for the input!

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