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Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hey guys how are you feeling? Really, how have you been? This year is almost coming to an end. How have you been and what are your thoughts on the year 2020?

Zena Cashmore
Good morning Azra Moosbally ! What a reflective and thoughtful question! I've been up and down. I miss seeing friends and family but have connected with some old university friends on Zoom. I've had time to read books and exercise, but have gained lbs from having too many baked goods! Watching the news used to panic me but now I have learned when to switch it off. Also meditation has calmed me down and helped me handle stress. I may not have devoted time to that before. And I miss travelling...sigh. But I'm feeling optimistic for 2021. How have you been and how did 2020 go for you?

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