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Nikita Ramdial
OFC-RHEP | Mental Health Advocate | Co-founder U&I Fitness, and Deewani Dance Crew
Asked a question 2 years ago

Weighted blankets: yay, nay, or haven't tried it yet?

Great question! I would LOVE to learn more. I saw them on Dragon's Den few years ago as a way to decrease anxiety in children/adults amoungst other benefits.
Aliya Sattaur
Sleeping with a weighted blanket for some reason always gives me the best rest!
Nikita Ramdial
Aliya Sattaur That's awesome to hear! I've been doing some research into buying one myself, (mostly to help with anxiety), but feel overwhelmed as there are now a bunch of brands, different weights, and I do wonder about it making me too hot in the summer.
Nikita Ramdial
Mandy Kooner Yes! I'm pretty sure that's where I originally heard about them first. And as mentioned in my response to Aliya Sattaur , I've personally been looking into them as a way to help decrease my anxiety. The whole concept of the blanket feeling like a hug/support is amazing to me.
Nikita Ramdial I have heard good things about weighted blankets, but also read that not all are made equally. Some of them, the weight shifts around and collects in one area, making it very uneven weight, and uncomfortable. I don't personally use one, but a good one might be an investment. You will probably need to read lots of reviews before buying it. Let us know how it goes if you get one.
Nikita Ramdial
Dipa B I literally just wrote a note to myself to share with the community what I find once I decide to purchase one. It's a big purchase but definitely looks like it will be an investment (I like that you used that word). Thanks for the feedback! =D

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