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Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
Asked a question last year

What are your personal best study tips?

Hey Azra! Here are some of my suggestions!

- Review the notes that you just made in class when you get home.
- If you typed your notes out on a computer re-write them onto a piece of paper.
- Create your own flashcards using your study notes.
- Do a group study session with either your friends or family.

Good luck!!
Herbert Duff
in terms of technicality, I like reading and writing notes or typing on a word doc. Nothing too fancy, but I guess the best tip I can give when studying is to minimize the "noise" down. What I mean by that is you have to commit to an environment free of distractions. Ajay Rampersad wrote a book summary last year about "deep work" by Cal Newport and it's a game changer. Not only will it help in your study sessions but it will also transfer to the quality of work that you do! Thanks for the questions and let's get that work in Azra Moosbally !

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