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Olivia GeraciMWS PARTNER
Canfit-PRO PTS/ OFC-RHEP/ Baker behind LiftedSweets
Asked a question 2 years ago

What personally helps you increase the chances of having a nice restful sleep?

Awesome question, Olivia Geraci

I went through a long period of insomnia in my early days. Still get it occasionally however, I have a much better handle on it thanks to the tips below:

• Meditation / deep breathing - A clear and peaceful mind paired with the benefits of deep breathing is really effective. Especially when dealing with stress and anxiety.

• Physical Activity - Staying active and playing sports burns energy which allows my body to relax later on.

• Water - Hydration is crucial for bodily function. I find that when I do not drink enough water in a day, my quality of rest suffers. Green tea is also nice before bed. (Though, it might make you get up in the middle of the night. Haha.)

This is what works for me, but everyone is different. The key is to have healthy habits that work for our own lifestyle.
Lori Short-Zamudio 🌺
hey Olivia Geraci I also find writing down all the things in my do lists, plans for later, random helps my brain calm down. As well as I will play sleep music from headspace.
Olivia Geraci MWS PARTNER
Robert Santos Hi Robert :) thank you for your feedback, I appreciate the tips! I'm happy you mentioned water as well, I've been more aware of increasing my water intake for the past couple of weeks, and I do notice the difference in how I've felt in terms of energy!
Olivia Geraci MWS PARTNER
Lori Short-Zamudio 🌺 Hi Lori :) ahh thank you for the tips! I do tend to write in my agenda/ planner in the evening before bed as well. In regards to headspace, I've heard of it but never really gave it much attention- maybe that will change now ;)
Olivia Geraci You're welcome! :) I personally find I get better rest even if I have to wake up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. Kind of weird how that works. lol
Timothy Thach you'll find some great answers to your sleep question here :)
Timothy Thach
Mandy Kooner Nice thread here, I definitely got a bunch of nice answers. Might try headspace if I get the chance :)
Miss Kris
on top of what has already been commented, I enjoy a nice bath before bed, and end my evening with my prayers ... I wake up refreshed without anxiety.

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