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Zainab Mya Motala
PhD, Medical Scientist | Sports fanatic | New Mom :)

My favorite? 30 min on the elliptical 2-3x a week 😁

Zena Cashmore
Part-time Faculty Support Officer UGH / Part-time Personal Trainer & Instructor

So many good ones: Squats, Walking lunges, Push-ups, Dead bugs, Birddogs, Glute Bridges, Supermans and Plank variations

Rebecca Pasquarelli
OFC-RHEP-Nutritionist-Owner of Kinnected by Movement

Hi @Robert Santos27 !

Some of my favourite body weight exercises in no particular order are:

  1. Bear Crawls
  2. Pushups (I love playing around with different tempos and variations as there are so many great options to challenge yourself)
  3. Jump Squats... (More)