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Hi @Azra Moosbally20

Based on my experiences, I don't feel the need to take probiotics supplements; I do however eat some probiotic rich foods.

There are definitely many foods I'd recommend trying out if you feel the need to get... (More)

Alexa Teixeira
Fitness Trainer, Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner (OFC), Nutritionist

Hey @Azra Moosbally20 I am not currently taking any probiotics but two brands that I have really liked in the past are Genuine Health and Ultimate Flora. I have purchased both of these at Nature's Emporium but I do believe... (More)

Aliya Sattaur
CSEP-CPT, BSc. Kin Student, Wellness Advocate, & Ulcerative Colitis Warrior

I take a probiotic, it's called Perfect Probiotic by progressive (you can purchase it at Popeyes supplements, healthy planet and a few other stores)! It's probably the best one I've tried and I use it consistently. The reason they named... (More)