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Exercise Physiology
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Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
I hope this makes you giggle a little 😄
Ajay RampersadADMIN
Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion

How Exercise Works

A little nerdy exercise science fact for you 🤓 🏃

If you enjoy this type of stuff, let me know. Happy to share more... it's what I teach for a living 🙂

Aliya Sattaur
CSEP-CPT, BSc. Kin Student, Wellness Advocate, & Ulcerative Colitis Warrior

Just to add to what was already mentioned, your mind also causes a phenomenon known as the "anticipatory rise" in HR to prepare the body or exercise by increasing total blood flow which can be part of the reason for... (More)

Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner (OFC) , Founder of Couch Athlete, Depression Survivor, Bartender

@Zena Cashmore8 Good morning,

Interesting RHR read. I have to ask, are you anxious or excited before your workout?

Resting heart rates are typically around 60BPM and the more fit the person the lower it can be. If sitting in... (More)