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The MWS community is a trusted place where you can ask questions, share your experience, and connect with other like-minded people about all things healthy living.ย 

Olivia GeraciMWS PARTNER
Canfit-PRO PTS/ OFC-RHEP/ Baker behind LiftedSweets

Having a purpose or my "why" behind what I'm doing. Something I can always look back to when things get rough.

Zena Cashmore
Part-time Faculty Support Officer UGH / Part-time Personal Trainer & Instructor

I work hard to have a long healthy life, to be a role model for my family, to feel good, to fit in a particular dress, to look good for my age haha! Its not just the physical side though,... (More)

Ajay RampersadADMIN
Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion

Oh boy. There are some great, uplifting answers here. Warning: my answer to this is a bit on the dark side. But if I'm being honest, what motivates me is... as far as I know, and anyone has been able... (More)

Fitness and health trainer in practice..

@Debra20 when I look in the mirror and notice that I donโ€™t have an eight pack And that my legs arenโ€™t tree stumps yet. LOL. Just wanting to live a successful life like loving family, wealth, living in a house,... (More)