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Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits
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Mental Health
Lorne David Opler
Adjunct Professor - Fitness and Health Promotion
Here is another stress reduction technique I have taught for years. You can do it in five minutes and the sense of relaxation you feel afterwards is indeed noticeable. It's called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Here is an easy instruction sheet... (More)
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Lorne David Opler
Adjunct Professor - Fitness and Health Promotion
Today in class I taught an excellent stress reduction technique called Diaphragmatic Breathing (aka Belly Breathing). It's very simple to do but very effective at helping you relax and center yourself. Even just a minute and a half of this... (More)
Alexander Giallo
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer ,Health and Fitness Professional and Youth Head Athletic Instructor

Hi Azra 

My absolute favourite whey protein is Diesel and I really enjoy the chocolate flavour personally.

Fitness and health trainer in practice..

Cauliflower pizza or cauliflower rice are some nice alternatives to pizza and rice.

Homemade sweet potato wedges instead of store-bought french fries

If you like making pancakes and/or cookies you can substitute some of the flour with oatmeal..

Homemade popsicles... (More)