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Zena Cashmore
Part-time Faculty Support Officer UGH / Part-time Personal Trainer & Instructor

The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. I needed to step away from the self-help books, which I enjoy but are mentally exhausting. I needed a beautifully written old-fashioned story in another land and time to take me away...

PhD (Medical Science), Professor (Bioscience)

Hey @Debra9

I love reading fictional stories - I am reading the Vanishing Half right now. It's a story of twin sisters that got split up, and the very different lives they have been leading. Just started it, but it's... (More)

Leanne Henwood-Adam
Fitness Coordinator, Humber College

Hi Deb - if you could see the pile of books I have out from the library! Many are to do with the industry and my job and some are not - I have some about mending/sewing and some fictional... (More)