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Fitness and health trainer in practice..

Not judge a book/person by its cover.

Hello, mywellness school! I decided to write to you today about why you should never judge a "book/person by its cover".

- The cashier at your grocery store who you may perceive as being rude. Has been harassed multiple times... (More)

Olivia Geraci
Canfit-PRO PTS/ OFC-RHEP/ Baker behind LiftedSweets
Hello everyone :) As some of you know, I have suffered from a conditioned called Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, and have been in recovery since January. This experience truly changed my perspective on everything we are usually told in fitness: How smaller... (More)
Strength Coach and Personal Trainer

I use Trainerize and it's really great for my purposes. Things I like about it:

-Putting together workouts is fast (once you've done the hard part of deciding what goes in it)
-Lots of easy tools for tracking progress

-Auto-tagging... (More)