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Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner (OFC) , Founder of Couch Athlete, Depression Survivor, Bartender

Looks like Wellness is the winner during lockdown!

We all agree that mental health is a priority, especially during these times. For that reason, I like to add in a quick 5 minute meditation at the end of my sessions... (More)

Fitness and health trainer in practice..

1. Wellness 2.Nutrition 3. Fitness! But I feel like Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. So my final verdict would be Wellness first, then Nutrition and Fitness 2nd.

My theory behind this is that if you are in not... (More)

Fitness Professional, Lifestyle Coach, Humber Prof

Wellness -

The 7 dimensions of wellness take in the physical (nutrition and body), emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental -- I think problems arise when we live in the extremes. Lockdown is hard but not impossible to navigate. It... (More)

Zena Cashmore
Part-time Faculty Support Officer UGH / Part-time Personal Trainer & Instructor

Taking care of your own mental health is so important right now, to get through these strange and scary times. Its different for everyone, as mental health can be linked to good sleep, exercise (in whatever form you enjoy and... (More)