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Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP

I love this question Jesse! There are two apps I have tried and really enjoy.

Lumosity - it has games that require concentration. So it really helps keeping the brain active.

Duolingo - I am currently trying to learn Spanish.... (More)

PhD (Medical Science), Professor (Bioscience)

@Jesse27 Great question! So important to keep the brain active, just as much as keeping the body active. I am glad you mentioned reading, because that provides so much benefits to the brain. Reading is surprisingly complex, because not only... (More)

Rebecca Pasquarelli
OFC-RHEP-Nutritionist-Owner of Kinnected by Movement

Such a great question @Jesse25 ! Brain exercises are so super important to keep the brain stimulated !

I absolutely LOVE doing challenging puzzles that are typically 1000 pieces + ,but there are certainly some extremely challenging puzzles I've done... (More)