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Aliya Sattaur
CSEP-CPT, BSc. Kin Student, Wellness Advocate, & Ulcerative Colitis Warrior

I use one! I absolutely love min, it’s extremely comforting and calming when I’m going to sleep.

Anxiety Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Speaker

I LOVE my new weighted blanket. I find it really comforting and grounding. I bought this one17 and am very happy with it.

Zena Cashmore
Part-time Faculty Support Officer UGH / Part-time Personal Trainer & Instructor

Yes ordered one for my daughter but we havent received it yet. It was $80. If she doesnt like it. I'll use it. I ordered off a friend on FB who has a small business. 

Dipa B
PhD (Medical Science), Professor (Bioscience)

Excited for this topic! I don't track my sleep with gadgets. But I do keep a mental track of how many hours of sleep I got, and how I feel. If I get poor sleep one night, I try to... (More)