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Time Management
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Ajay RampersadADMIN
Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion

@Mandy Kooner29,  great questions! And thanks for the tag @Olivia Geraci29

I have 2 tips to offer as I explain in the video:

  1. F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Success)
  2. Be Reactive Proactive (Prioritize, plan, and execute)
Anke FC
Mom, teacher, student, everything Paris!

My self-deprecating humour and keeping super calm in most situations. I can help break the ice with stupid questions and jokes (depending on the crowd) and that helps others who are shy. Also being my age helps with staying calm.... (More)

PhD (Medical Science), Professor (Bioscience)

Hey @Mandy Kooner26

What a good question! I have had periods of doing this, and it feels overwhelming and like you can't really enjoy the moments in life like you should.

I would ask you to consider a few things.... (More)

Ajay RampersadADMIN
Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion

This question = ❤

Habits are literally everything we do, so this is 🔑 for making changes in life, but geez @Debra21, only 3??

Okay fine. Guess I have to hack this question. For me, my top 3 would... (More)