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Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner (OFC) , Founder of Couch Athlete, Depression Survivor, Bartender

Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Anxious

Anxiety affects us all to some degree. Life can get stressful and cause us to feel anxious or triggered. Leading to unwanted and unpleasant symptoms, such as: increased heart rate, worrying, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, sweating, trembling,... (More)

Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
Azra Moosbally
Kinesiology BASc., OFC RHEP
Have you guys tried Golden Milk? This drink will warm your insides and it has anti-inflammatory properties and is detoxifying. Read below to find out how to make this amazing drink. You will need: 1 .1/2 cup coconut milk 1... (More)